Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

The MAX Hospitality Accounts Receivable module produces accurate invoices, collects and facilitates payments, and creates statements for customers. It further supports the verification of balances, running of bank reconciliations, and tracking of predicted cash flow. The MAX Hospitality System provides a clear representation of your cash position 24 hours a day and seven days per week. The system offers the opportunity to focus on accounts receivable, customer payment reminders, and the incorporation of statistical cash forecasting. We aim to give businesses greater clarity when determining their financial position.

Increase Professional Efficiency

The MAX Hospitality Accounts Receivable module makes monthly invoicing simple. With the system, one can choose a specific set of terms and conditions for your customers. The customer features allows one to select units of measure and price per item that are seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger system. The system automatically updates the General Ledger in real-time.

Cash Flow

One can get paid promptly by sending customers payment reminders through easily created statements. When one focuses on sending customers payment reminders, and incorporating statistical cash forecasting, your cash flow position can become that much clearer.

Improve Control Over Cash and Working Capital

To manage your business’s health requires an improvement in the performance of accounts receivable and the speeding up of cash flow. The careful management of working capital allows you to gain in-depth insights supporting strategic decision making. When you are aware of your cash performance, you can better manage capital equipment, hiring new employees, overseeing new facilities and investments.


You can quickly reduce the payment cycle by creating customer alerts when invoices are past due. The efficient follow-up of past due vendors keeps your customers informed, reduces customers defaulting on payments, and decreases the possibility of bad debts.