Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Documents Available 24 X 7 in the Cloud


Once documents are scanned and uploaded to the MAX Hospitality Electronic Document Management System, they are available in the cloud 24 X 7. Once you are securely connected to the internet, you can view, retrieve, and print relevant documents via the desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Fully Integrated with MAX Hospitality System

One of the most common uses of scanned documents is for invoices. All scanned documents are fully integrated with the MAX Hospitality System, allowing visibility of the scanned invoice in Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Statement modules. You can drill down from a top level posting, all the way to the underlying scanned invoice.

Peace of Mind

Scanning invoices eliminates searching for invoices that have been misfiled or lost. MAX Hospitality Accounts Payable Module optionally can check that there is a scanned document for every single vendor invoice amount, ensuring 100% integrity between accounting postings and scanned invoices.

Widely Available

Because scanned invoice images are integrated into the accounting system, property and regional managers can drill down on weekly or monthly financial postings and view the actual invoice.

Scanned Invoices Capture Valuable Information

The details written on scanned documents can contain important information. For example, it can include who signed for a delivery, when the delivery was received, notes on short shipments, the substitution of products, handwritten itemization on what was repaired, etc.

Reduced Costs

Scanned images mitigate the costs of manually filing invoices, expensive office storage space, and retrieval costs.