PMS Integration

PMS Integration

We make Property Management System (PMS) integration easy. MAX Hospitality can collect information from virtually every kind of PMS, and can work well in environments where more than one kind of PMS is in use in different locations. 


This gives management visibility on all key performance indicators and allows you to proactively and effectively manage your hotel chain.

Automatic Polling

MAX Hospitality automatically collects large amounts of daily information from the PMS, including types of group and transient revenue data, settlement data, occupied rooms, arrivals, departures, guests, etc. Data is automatically audited for correctness using our customer-defined business rules and instantly posted to the database.

Automatic Revenue and Settlement Journal Entry

Using the business rules as established by the client, the sophisticated MAX Hospitality System utilizes the PMS data to create an automatic daily entry to the general ledger of both accounting and statistical data. The business rules can often be very sophisticated including how to post credit cards to the general ledger (combining some entries), or to calculate the discount rate on American Express credit cards (per transaction or monthly). Besides eliminating a great deal of manual effort, this capability makes it possible to provide business intelligence instantly.

We Make Use of All PMS Data

The data collected from the PMS is used in many ways. Basic revenue, settlement, comp, and over/short daily data is used to create a daily posting to the general ledger. Occupancy and statistical data is used within the analytics reporting. MAX Hospitality collects a wide variety of important and useful information allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your business.