Red Book

The manager’s red book has been a tradition for decades. Red book entries, for example, cover what happened during the workday, weather, occupancy, revenue, personnel issues, service issues, and repair and maintenance issues. The MAX Hospitality System captures this information, organizes and indexes, and provides above-department reporting of what happened across the entire property. This enables regional and top management to address and correct problems proactively.

Flexible Categories

Within the MAX Hospitality Red Book Module, the categories, i.e. the questions the manager responds to when entering data, are completely flexible. Typical categories include personnel issues, service issues, what was a win, what needs improvement, local events, and helpful comments.

Audit Trail

When a manager logs into the red book, the system automatically tracks their name, and the date and time of their entry. It can be critical to know who said what and when, because the red book is considered to be a legal document.

Above Property Reporting

The power of the MAX Hospitality Red Book Module is that all the information is entered into a database allowing for the retrieval of specific information smoothly and efficiently. One can, for example, extract all personnel issues or all maintenance issues for a department or group of departments, for a particular period. This provides you with detailed and specific information about the management of your properties.

Email Friendly

Management can optionally receive all completed Red Book entries for a day by email. The regional manager can receive all the red book entries for their properties and, of course, a VP of operations can receive Red Book entries for all properties. Quick access and ease of delivering the relevant information saves time and money for your business.

Revenue, Customer Counts & Weather are Automatic

MAX Hospitality automatically adds information about the weather, the revenue and occupany for the day. The same day last year’s revenue, and occupancy, are also included which provide a context for the Red Book entries.

Previous Year Information is Invaluable

Having a safe, secure, electronic copy of Red Book Entries that is never misplaced or lost, is especially useful when comparing a current entry to the same day a year prior. One can obtain the answers for questions such as: What happened last year on the Fourth of July? How many guests did we have? What worked and what didn’t work? What was the effect of local events? Such information can be invaluable for the sake of management and planning, and to better serve your customers.